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Chronicle of Miss LENORMAND :.
Translated from french.


Come on! Let's think about it, and just ask the right questions.
Do you prefer TRUTH or LIE ?
Do you prefer JUSTICE or INJUSTICE ?
WAR or PEACE ? KINDNESS OR WICKEDNESS ? And so on ... In this perspective, review all the antagonisms, and you will quickly realize that unless you are completely twisted and downright demonic, that ordinary mortals, all over the planet, want the TRUTH , JUSTICE, PEACE,KINDNESS etc ...
Here then !!! Do you think this is by chance? Of course not ! We have all, you and I, THE COMMANDMENTS OF GOD printed in our consciences since the dawn of time!
Forget their hypothetical theory of '' BIG BANG '' (chance would have done things so said), a theory that takes into account the enigmas of the MATTER, but not those of the SPIRIT !!!
Still a pretentious corollary to remove you from the TRUTH.
A clever maneuver to drive you away from the commandments of GOD. Thus, all those who over the centuries, I speak to you of those who had the power, those who had great responsibilities, those who made the great decisions for the future of the PEOPLES OF THE EARTH, those who until the present times Have transgressed, violated GOD'S COMMANDMENTS, are twisted, demonic and malignant individuals. They sowed evil all over the planet. They stole your lives and those of your children.


It is unbearable to see all these vermin, incarnate demons, proliferate and destroy with impunity. Let us rid ourselves once and for all of these demons, these cynical and evil people. They created the PUTRIENT GOVERNMENTS, the FALSE RELIGIONS, they infiltrated all the great structures on which the societies are arraigned, in order to divide in order to reign better! They also infiltrated Freemasonry to dirty it, and much more! I will talk about it later in this column. They interfere everywhere to divide, to divide, to rule better! They lie, and lie again, they raise people against each other, so that people are lost and hate each other, and they never stop wandering in the labyrinth of lies!
The devil divides, GOD unites. Do you understand ?
I was saying, Let us awaken, take up our lives and our destinies in our hands, let us all reclaim ourselves, and let us all choose to live according to the COMMANDMENTS OF GOD, as we did before us from great ancient civilizations on Earth and closer to We, ancient Egypt, Amerindians, Aborigines, Eskimos, African tribes etc ... Of course, it is not a question of returning to the Stone Age, but of living with the spirit of these peoples there . Those peoples who respected their environment, who lived in sharing, and who did not let their brothers die by their side, without doing anything. Look at what is happening nowadays, everyone lives in his bubble. Fraternity has almost become a big word. It is obsolete, tacky, populist, utopian, and why not radical! Ah, their new totem! Above all, do not radicalize yourself, it is very dangerous!
To live in such a world is nightmarish, if indeed one has eyes open!
Finally, you understand that it is time to "open them, eyes" !!!

We can all together, fight against these demons, I will tell you how, further in this chronicle.

So, will you tell me?

Well, I will answer you: take the height, and really look at the actual world as it is, UP OF THE LOOKOUT. All the peoples of all nations are today reduced to slavery by demons, PUTRID GARBES who swept away the COMMANDMENTS of GOD, or if you prefer, who have for a long time forgotten what " Is the right conscience !!!

You have on one side all the right-wing parties, all over the planet, who would like the slaves to work even more and more and more old, and why not free after all! And why not the children! (Child labor exists, I remind you, in many very poor countries). And all these parties of "right" confused (together), everywhere in the countries, would like to institutionalize surreptitiously the voluntary work ... In the meantime, they make work the slaves with laws, with blow of tricks, I do not exaggerate! Law El Komri for France, and other bastards in this sort in other countries, we do not know everything!
I said, you have on one side all these "right" parties in all countries, and on the other side, you have all the parties of the "left" confused (together) , all over the planet , Who do not take offense more than general slavery, and who just want the slaves to be better treated. It is not the supposed wage increases, nor the ban on redundancies that will free us from slavery. Finally, you see, both offer you false programs, because they never talk about the essentials! Theft of the COMMON GOOD on a large scale!
But out of pity, OPEN THE EYES!
Think about it, it's not complicated to understand!
You see, do you understand where we got there?
Needless to make us believe that politics is a serious and complicated matter, reserved for experts in expertise !!! When one goes to seek, to dig up the evil at the root, everything lights up ...
And the verdict is final: YOU MISS YOU!
Who said that human beings had to work, eight, ten, twelve hours a day, or more, and a lifetime, and maybe, nothing is safe, a hypothetical retirement when they are out More or less exhausted? You are made to believe abominable things, and you are told that it is normal, that it has always been like that! And there are no other solutions! By dint of constantly shouting ignoble lies, they have made truths of them!

I repeat, and I insist, they lie to you, and '' THE SLEEPER MUST WAKE UP ''.
To understand what happens on EARTH, reason, consider like a pyramid. At the top, MONEY, ASSETS and POWER are in very dirty hands !

So, let's return to our panorama seen from the top of the lookout. Let us ask the question, who benefits from the lie? Who benefits from crime? Certainly not to you!
This panorama is the substratum of world politics. Or you are slave, or you ''  '' !!! You die, of hunger, cold, 'burn-out', too many drugs to endure this hell, or you die because too much misery ... What does it matter for this putrid waste, These demons. For their cruelty, their appetites, their lusts are limitless! And if the sleeper does not awaken, they will continue unfolding their fatal program without any state of mind. For they have one! And for a long time. It is this famous NAME, the false New World Order, deliberately so called to sow confusion in the minds, and to sully, to undermine the TRUE NEW WORLD ORDER, that of GOD (The Great Architect Of The Universe) Of true Freemasonry.
This TRUE NEW WORLD ORDER is that of GOD and his MESSIAH (one US dollar bill, check for yourself).
Know in passing that Freemasonry was founded by King Solomon in the 10th century BC, to be the armed arm of the Universal Messiah.
(CHRIST, MESSIAH, MAHDI, KALKI, SAOSHYANT, MAITREYA, MIROKU, MILOUFO, GREATER MONARCH: ... etc) is expected by 7 billion believers, all religions combined and designated by different names.
Only the Messiah can bring peace, justice and concord by the revelation of the Universal Religion based on Knowledge and especially not on belief.
And also by creating a world government based on the fraternal reunification of all beings of light.
And there can be no world government without a universal religion.
All the great initiates know perfectly well that the future will be spiritual and scientific!
Universal peace can only be achieved once humanity will FINALY KNOWS that the founder of all religions but also of all the great empires is in fact the same person who has thus reincarnated.
Thus universal Messianism is inseparable from the concept of reincarnation.
And this concept is verified every day scientifically! Do your own research. The great physicians-reanimators Jean-Jacques CHARBONIER and Raymond Moody have written several books on this subject. Similarly, Georges Ritchie (Return of the Beyond), to name but a few ...
I'm not inventing anything! The whole world speaks about it, and you hide the TRUTH!

In other words,
All those who fight the reality of reincarnation are the enemies of GOD, the Supreme Being:.
The one whom the Freemasons so justly call The Great Architect :.


All this beautiful little world manipulates you with media shots especially, and also by all possible means, and makes you gober the worst lies.
These individuals, with laws and structures that they themselves have elaborated, have seized with impunity, of all the resources of the planet, resources that they call "raw materials". Water, oil, gas, minerals, precious metals or not, and forests, and all that the earth can grow ... And what they consider edible ... and also energy, like electricity, for example, ... Finally you see, they have seized just about everything !!!
And if tomorrow they can sell you the air you breathe, and the sun that enlightens you, they will not be embarrassed! Moreover, they have already started with what they call clean energies!
Ah! What a wonder this capitalism! We think we're dreaming!
What a beautiful invention then the PRIVATE PROPERTY !!! A VILE SCAM to steal the COMMON WELL with impunity!


And above all, do not forget that all these resources that belong to you, resources transformed or not, YOU ARE EXHAUSTED AT GOLD PRICE!
Above all, understand well and do not forget that all these planetary resources are THE COMMON GOOD, which belongs to nobody and to all the world at the same time. Only dishonest people can say the opposite!

All this beautiful little world of thieves, bastards, disregarding the COMMANDMENTS OF GOD, seized illegally and with impunity the COMMON GOOD MEN, and all the inhabitants of the Earth.
And all these bastards, with the complicity of governments, in their arrogance, proclaim themselves great investors, great captains of industry, great benefactors of humanity!
And let's see!
Height of their arrogance, their cynicism, they are held together the red carpet, and are more or less pretend to fight a battle without thank you on their fucking FINANCIAL MARKETS.
But do not be duped, no longer listen to their lies ... They are all the same, they all know each other, at a very high level. For now, and I say for the moment, the world is in their hands. Then please WAKE UP !
The following link concerns the important revelations of RUDY GIULIANI, the former mayor of New York. Everything that this man takes the great risk of revealing, only corroborates what I am explaining to you!



How not to understand that chaos is global, that rot is everywhere! Those who currently hold the POWER and the POWER have trivialized THE EVIL! They have trivialized the LIE, they have banalized unclean behavior, they have trivialized vice, rot, malice, etc ... And the craziest is that everything looks normal, quite usual !

Before finishing this article, I would like to address myself specifically to the PEOPLE OF FRANCE.
This republic, of which you are told that it is so-called protective and benevolent, is in fact an abominable dictatorship cleverly disguised! This "republic" only makes you lie and rob you with impunity! She recovered the fruits of the HUMAN STRUGGLES of 1936 (Front Populaire) to restore her coat of arms. The social gains rags that no longer held by a thread today are the fruits of the people who fought in 1936 (FRONT POPULAIRE), the fruits of HUMAN STRUGGLES, and certainly not those of the republic of "shit"!
Here (and more than elsewhere), you shut up... and you pay! And if you do not pay, they have all the "toolbox" (cops, préfecturaille, magistraturaille, various administrations ...) to destroy your life, and you CRUCIFY SOCIALLY! And if you open your mouth too much, the "ripoublik" suicide you by shooting three bullets in the back (Coluche, Balavoine, and how many others ...)! And if you do not revolt, soon they will stick you (police offenses) because your soles of shoes are not regulation and conform to the laws of republic !
This entity is a dirt, a vermin! You are deprived of your liberty as a man, and the poorer you are, the more you pay! The rich them, are never worried! They do not incur any penalties because their money sleeps quietly in tax havens, but it's human rights here, you did not know?
To tell the TRUTH ! This republic, this vermin was born in a bloodbath. The blood of those who did not want to strain the other check nor pray for their enemies.
This republic is an abominable LIE, TREASON, SCAM !!!
And what is more, THEIR ARROGANCE !!!
You have no rights, but you do not know!
Believe, believe, we make you believe anything!
It might be time you save your skin !!!
Think for yourself, find the common GOOD SENSE!
Refuse "THE-READY-TO-THINK" of corrupt merdias at the service of the world's great scum !!!

All these political cleavages take you away from the TRUTH!
And the loop is closed, inevitably comes back to what I explain at the very beginning of my chronicle.
Politics (and especially the good) is inseparable from SPIRITUALITY! Everything is connected. Spirituality is not a picture that one hangs on the wall and that one looks at when one has the time !!! Spirituality must especially apply in everyday life! Otherwise it's the CHAOS! The world today is chaos!
Whence do you think your thirst for justice? Your hope, your quest for a better world? From the ...hole in the universe, perhaps? From the ...hole of the Big Bang?
Let us apply the laws of ¤ G O D ¤ simply! "Do the GOOD, not the evil"!
COMMANDS OF ¤ G O D ¤ are neither from right nor from left!
¤ G O D ¤ always leaves us the choice, but know that we all have to one day GIVE ACCOUNTS !!!
And above all, do not "Tense the other cheek". Do not pray for your enemies, for all those who destroy your lives, BEAT YOU against them! Make them the WAR!
War is "neuter", nice poeple fight against unkind ! I want to explain, if all men feared ¤ G O D ¤, if they obeyed his laws, there would obviously be no wars !

Do not believe any more the lies of the FALSE RELIGIONS, made by garbage, with the sole aim of enslaving the men and making them stupid!
All the written laws of men, as well as all false religions, are a betrayal, and made to remove you from TRUTH!
Frankly, if you do not understand, it is to despair, and when your SPIRIT leaves the MATTER (the day of your death), you will have only what you deserve! The best or the worst! Your mind will return to the "Fields of Consciousness" that correspond to it.

Let us activate true brotherhood, true solidarity, those which do not pass above all through the written laws of men, nor by all these charitable associations, the latter which always ask you for money ! But where does the money go exactly ?

Let us realize that to remove men from true solidarity, true brotherhood, all human activities have been renamed by the verb "TO WORK"!
So, the remuneration of human activities is one of the hideous facets of the EXPLOITATION OF MAN BY MAN !

And the putrid church of ROME did not teach you this ignominy : "You will gain your bread by the sweat of your brow" !
Scoundrels, liars, impostors who have falsified the teaching of CHRIST in this and many other fields ...



At the top of the pyramid of power there is the great world finance which gives its orders in CASCADE5 (gives cascading orders), to governments, to politicians ...
To understand what is going on, always think of a "pyramid"!
The puppeteers pull all the strings! You can vote all colors of the rainbow that will not change anything, as long as these "bastards" financiers will pull the strings !!!
These bastards, this financial putrefaction are neither from right, nor from left ! It's
The roller of the false "new world order", that of the putrid financiers, casts millions of people into poverty, those whom Emmanuel Macron's junk arrogantly called "idlers" !!!

In this final call, we address the people who have the intelligence to understand that we are saying THE TRUTH !!!
This is why all those who understand must "twitter", "facebooker", "redditer" etc ... spread to the greatest number THE TRUTH !!!
We must unite our strength without respite! Diffuse, diffuse, diffuse !!!
Staying with your arms crossed is already dying !!!
Because this garbage will not hesitate to make us all "die" !!!

And above all, do not listen to rotten, corrupt "merdias". Because knowing that the revolt rumbles around the world, they will continue to lie like never before !!!

Another way to fight them!

These bastards of the great world finance, attack us at the purse!
Let's give them back the same !!!

---------------------------------- CUT THE MONEY PUMP !!! ----------- -----------------------------------

Let us no longer pay what they rob us with impunity, our common good. Do not be afraid, be confident! The more we will no longer pay water, gas, electicity, taxes etc... and also their filthy so-called DEBTs of countries, the more we will have the power to make them fold. Take your money out of the banks ... etc ... understand that everything is bound, and that the revolt can make SNOW BALL !!!


Either you stand idly by, or you get into the real fight! And I say the REAL FIGHT!
Do not let this putrid trash choose for you !!!

And to finish this chronicle, I will remind you of this memorable aside of ROCKEFELLER:

DU VEAU D'OR, it's the same! )



Mademoiselle LENORMAND's review.



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